Warden Woods Community Centre

Donating a Picnic Table

On Aug 29 the I Have Resolve Foundation donated an 8ft (10 adult person) table to the Warden Woods Community Centre in Scarborough, Ont. Lexus Forde had reached out to us via social media wondering if we could help them out. At that point we started putting plans together for making this come together.

Youth volunteered their time to the foundation to help build this table. We arranged a date and got to work. The boys learned about safety around power tools and once the safety portion was complete we began building. We started off by cutting all the pieces we were going to need.

Once the cutting was complete we began to assemble the table top. When the top was done we broke for a quick bbq lunch and began again

We worked until the final screw was put in. We flipped the table upright, carried it out to the driveway and gathered for a team pic. These boys did an amazing job. A huge thank you to Johnny, Griffen, Andy and Jordan for all your help and hard work.

We contacted Lexus to find a date and time that our schedules would align and took the table out for delivery. We were so happy to see how excited she was when we arrived. I think it is safe to say she was not disappointed. It was such an incredible feeling to have dropped this table off.

Thank you to Lexus for allowing us the opportunity to play a small part in your community.

Check out our photos of the day below

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