Milton Special Olympics Fundraiser

We are fundraising this week for a wonderful organization

We are fundraising this week for a wonderful organization. If you would like to donate towards the Milton Special Olympics then please visit our website at We are a registered charity and will provide a tax receipt. Congratulations to Richard Demelo on his bottle drive efforts. Please see their story below.
We would like to introduce ourselves as the Milton Special Olympics Organization. Milton Special Olympics is much more than sport, it is family, community and social for many of our Developmental Delayed Athletes that thrive on togetherness.
Most of our athletes don’t have paying jobs so cannot afford the cost of registering for sport and the equipment needed. Your donation would be used for as many athletes as possible.
We have a few athletes that live in group homes and are in much need as they cannot afford anything extra as they live on a very small income from the Ontario Disability Saving Plan. This is where your donation could help, making sure each athlete is not left behind with registration, equipment and tournament costs will have what they need going forward.
Our athletes love getting involved with the public while fundraising with a bottle drive, mingling with the public while receiving a worthy satisfaction of inclusion with fellow athletes, parents, and neighbours helping to empty a trunk full of bottles for 10 cents apiece.
Honestly these athletes are the most incredible giving human beings you would want to meet. All they want and need is respect, love and acceptance. Each and everyone so deserve and are such an inspiration to us all.

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