I Have Resolve Coffee!

Announcing our new Coffee blends

The I Have Resolve Foundation has partnered with Cupper’s Coffee in Lethbridge, AB so we are now taking orders for two types of coffee. Coffee will be $20 for a 1lb bag and $100 for a 5lb bag. $5 for every pound purchased will go directly to the I Have Resolve Foundation charity in support of inclusion. Free shipping for a bulk order of 30lbs or more to your specified location.

Available to order are whole bean, drip, press, espresso, bialetti, and Keurig. Note re Keurig – our supplier grinds for those who have re-usable Keurig pods. They do not actually have Keurig pods.

There are two wonderful blends of coffee.
Inclusion Infusion – Medium Roast
Jasons’s Blend – Dark Roast

Flavour notes are as follows:
Medium Blend: A South/Central American blend which features almond extract in the aroma. Vanilla extract highlights the flavor, with a nice mix of nuttiness and fruitiness, and a chocolate undertone.
Dark Blend: A South American blend with a wonderful stone-fruit sweetness, along with brown sugar and molasses notes. The finish features almond and bakers chocolate.

Thank you for supporting our charity and bringing further inclusion into this world!

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